• SKPDS Degree College is located in Akdanga, Khajni- Gorakhpur which is 28KM away from Gorakhpur Located at Gorakhpur - Sikriganj Road. It is established in year 2013 under the kind guidance of previous Block Pramukh Mr. Ram Bujharat Dubey.

    The College inculcates and encourages academic and extra academic excellence in its students. Thousands of students have passed through its portals, equipped to successfully take their place in society. It is a matter of great pride that many of them have carved out a niche for themselves in a wide variety of areas, specially the Indian Administrative, Allied Services, Banking, CA, CS, and other top managerial Positions.

    The College has certain traditions and all students are expected to observe them. The College lays equal emphasis on curricular and extra curricular activities. The Dean of Studies and the Dean of Students co-ordinate and take care of the academic and extra academic activities of the students. The Deans of Students also provides a liaison between the Principal, Staff and Students. The College has a tradition of Council of Students comprising the Student President, Vice-President B.A./B.Com III, Presidents of the ten extra curricular activity clubs, and Representatives & Secretaries of B.A./B.Com I & II.

    Several functions are organized by the various clubs during the session and the students are given ample opportunity to display and develop their talents. Each student is a member of the three compulsory clubs Social-Service, Sports and Entertainment. Besides these she is expected to join at least one other club. Enrollment to these clubs must be completed within the stipulated period.